25 Screen-Free Activities You Can Do at Home

Get the kids to turn off the computers, tablets, video games, and TV and have fun!

By Jennifer Hill Macaroni Kid Fremont Publisher March 15, 2020

There's no school and we are social distancing so spending our days at home. Of course, the kids want to watch YouTube videos, play on their tablets, or even just watch TV. Mom says, "No more!"

Here are 25 fun non-screen activities you can do at home:

Build! Use LEGO®, a deck of playing cards, blocks, or other objects.

Make some playdough. This no-bake recipe makes it easy for kids to help make it and then spend hours playing with it.

Make a postcard. Use cardstock and draw something on one side and on the other you can write a little note. People to send to include your teacher, grandparents, friends, everyone!

Make your own board game. Design the board out of cardboard, create your rules, and have fun playing together.

Finger knitting. Such a fun hobby to learn, plus it's developmentally important!

Create a reading nook. Toss some pillows and a blanket or two into a cozy corner and encourage the kids to read there.

Video the kids. Have them sing a song or tell a story and send it to grandparents and other family members.

Have a picnic. Let the kids help you prepare the food and enjoy a picnic in the yard together.

Go camping. Pitch a tent in the yard and go camping. Or at least make some s'mores!

Have a scavenger hunt. There are lots of printable options to be found online or you can create your own. Think of items you know they will be able to find in and around your home and yard. You can even have a Sight Word Scavenger Hunt!

Have a dance party. Turn up the music and dance together!

Upcycle. Start collecting your usual recycled items such as cereal boxes and create with them. These DIY Musical Instruments are a fun place to start. 

Practice reading out loud. Be sure to read with expression. Check out the Reading Challenge for Kids to get started.

Draw a picture. Find a picture you want to draw or draw a picture of a family member.

Create a secret code. Use letters, numbers, pictures, or anything else. 

Make sock puppets. Create some fun with those socks missing their matches.

Make an obstacle course. Inside or outside, this can be a fun and active activity.

Chalk play. Break out the chalk and have some artistic fun outside. Don't have any chalk? Make your own DIY chalk paint - a mess free alternative.

Create a Little Free Library. Clean out your books and share with the community with your own Little Free Library.

Make slime. Start with this easy fluffy slime recipe.

Bake something. These amazing chocolate chip cookies are a good choice!

Play a board game. Explore those games and have fun playing. Here are five games our family loves.

Write a play. Then act it out.

Enjoy some science. Create a cloud in a jar, explode an apple, make ice crystals, and more. Search science in the search box on Macaroni Kid and find some science fun! 

Learn to cook. Cook with the kids. Teach them out to make some easy meals for the family, such as chicken chili, taco soup, taco cupcakes, and pizza casserole.

We hope this helps keep the kids busy and having fun.