Dog Parks in Fremont, Newark, and Union City

Dog Parks we love in Fremont, Newark, and Union City

By Macaroni KID Fremont-Newark-Union City August 31, 2021

We are lucky in the Tri-City area to have several great dog parks to enjoy with our favorite pups. Dog parks are a great place to play unleashed and meet new friends! Not sure how dog parks work or wonder if your dog is ready for one? Check out our etiquette and tips at the bottom of this guide.

Agility courses, water stations, and separate areas for smaller and larger dogs are just a few things you will usually find at a dog park in Fremont, Newark, and Union City, and big bonus, dog parks in the Tri-City area are FREE!

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Dog park locations are listed alphabetically by town:

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Central Park Dog Park

1740 Stevenson Blvd.
5:00 Am to 10:00 PM Daily

What we love about Central Park Dog Park: 

Located adjacent to the Fremont Animal Shelter with access off Stevenson Blvd, Central Park Dog Park features two turfed areas with 1.2 acres of artificial turf and lighting for large dogs and a smaller .02 acre area with natural grass for smaller dogs. 

Amenities at Central Park Dog Park: 

  • Benches
  • Shade structures
  • Drinking fountains for dogs and owners
  • Double gated entry for security of dogs

Shinn Pond Dog Park

37700 3rd Street

What we love about Shinn Pond Dog Park: 

Located in Niles by the Alameda Creek Regional Trail and Niles Community Park, Shinn Pond Dog Park offers long walking trails, off-leash area with lots of grassy areas, and a large pond for dogs to swim in and cool off. Parking is located at Niles Community Park at the corner of 3rd and H Streets - Shinn Pond is about 200 yards west from there, along the levee. Alternative parking is located on School Street.

Amenities at Shinn Pond Dog Park: 

  • Long trail
  • Large grassy areas
  • Benches
  • Large pond for dogs to cool off and swim in
  • Water for dogs and owners
  • Outhouse


NewBark Dog Park

35501 Cedar Blvd.

What we love about NewBark Dog Park: 

NewBark Dog Park is a brand new dog park is located at Newark Community Park, between Newark Blvd. and Chapman Dr. Shaded seating, agility equipment, water for dogs and owners. Parking in the Newark Community Park parking lot on Cedar Blvd.

Amenities at NewBark Dog Park: 

  • Large grassy areas
  • Benches
  • Water for dogs and owners
  • Double gated for security of dogs
  • Shade structures
  • Agility equipment

Union City

Drigon Dog Park

34666 7th St.
Union City 

4:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Mondays
6:00 AM to 10:00 PM Tuesday thru Sunday

What we love about Drigon Dog Park: 

Located near Mission Blvd., Drigon Dog Park features agility equipment, shaded areas, benches, and dog-friendly water fountains and fire hydrants.

Amenities at Drigon Dog Park: 

  • Benches
  • Shaded area
  • Dog water fountains
  • Fire hydrants
  • Agility equipment
  • Separate area for different sized dogs

Tri-City area dog park tips:

Follow the rules which are likely posted near the entrance. Typical dog park rules include:

  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered, up-to-date on vaccines and shots, and supervised at all times.
  • Clean up after your pooch! No one wants to step in that mess.
  • Know your dog: If you have a dog that has shown aggression toward other animals, children, or adults, it's best to leave them at home.
  • Taking your kids? Supervise them closely! Let them know that running and loud play aren't a good idea around dogs they don't know well and teach them how to approach a dog to pet it.
  • Don't bring your lunch. It only invites begging and aggressive behaviors.
  • Be polite and considerate of other park users. Common sense prevails!

Read more about dog park etiquette from the Whole Dog Journal.

We hope this list of dog parks in Fremont, Newark, and Union City helps you find -- or rediscover! -- some fun places for your family to explore with your dogs. Now get the whole family - even the four-legged members - out to play!

When visiting events and local businesses, be sure to tell them Macaroni KID sent you... and don't forget to tell all your friends!