💚 ONLINE Science is Fun for Grades 1-4 (REGISTER)

April 24, 2021 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Online with AC LibraryFremont CA 94536


This virtual science program is designed to teach children (Grades 1-4) basic science while having fun. The first half of the program will consist of explanations and the second half will include fun experiments that will help in understanding the theory of each topic. The program will be held on the last Saturday of the month from February through September.

Topics include

  • Refraction-The bending of light and lasers (2/27/21)
  • Intro to Periodic Table- Learning the basics of the periodic table and elements (3/27/21)
  • Wind power( Creating turbines to generate electricity) (4/24/21)
  • Solar System-A lesson of galaxies, stars, and constellations (5/29/21)
  • Reflection-The bouncing of light and lasers (6/26/21)
  • States of Matter-Learning about the different states of matter (7/24/21)
  • Buoyancy(Floating or sinking of items in many mediums) (8/28/21)
  • Color (Experimenting with color mixing) (9/25/21)

Seats are limited. Each topic requires a separate registration. The Zoom link will be sent in a separate email 3 days before the program day. Students who are more than 10 minutes late for the program may be removed from the roster and their seats will go to the waiting list.

We at AC Library care about your privacy. We use Zoom to host our virtual programs. None of our live programs are recorded and none of the chat logs are saved.

An ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter will be provided for this program if requested at least 7 days in advance. For assistance, please contact your library or



Grades 1 to 4




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