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Estate planning is about family. Each family is different in size, composition, and dynamic. Accordingly, each estate plan should be specifically designed for your family. Liu Shair Law is able to help you through each step of this process, delivering a personable and professional experience.  We will answer all of your questions, even the ones you didn’t know you had so that you have both knowledge and peace of mind. We will get to know you as a person and treat all of your concerns with empathy, while also making this process as fun as possible.  

Business Review

"Shannon was very helpful in explaining the estate planning process and gave us clear options to design and customize our estate plan. She was kind, caring, courteous, and professional. We were new to this process but she put us at ease and made it smooth and enjoyable. I would highly recommend her. She will do an initial consultation to explain how it works and to get to know you and what you are looking for. We are very grateful for her efforts to provide us with an estate plan."

"I put off setting up my estate plan for far too long (I mean, who really wants to discuss death, organ donation and who's going to take care of your child with some stuffy attorney they've just met??)  Luckily, Shannon made the whole process as smooth as possible.  I love Shannon.  She's super smart, funny, and has two adorable little kids, so she totally relates to young families who are new to this whole 'adulting' process.  She explained all of the moving parts of our plan (trust, will, medical directives, etc.) and tailored our estate plan to our exact needs.  Absolutely recommend Liu Shair Law!" 

"My husband and I had been wanting to set up a trust for literally years but never got around to it. I finally set up an appointment with Shannon after a consultation and I'm so so glad we finally got it done! She was very thorough, going through all our options with us and personalizing our trust for our needs. Shannon prepped us with a questionnaire beforehand to get an idea of what we would need done, and answered all our questions so that we fully understood all our options and choices. She took the time to go through all the points of the trust and explained every part which was super helpful since we had no idea what to expect. She was very efficient, kind, and easy to work with and I would definitely work with her again in the future!" 

"I can't express enough how much we appreciate Shannon's knowledgeable and thoughtful help with our estate planning. Coming from me, this is something, because I am also am an attorney (not a trust and estate lawyer) and so have high expectations. She exceeded all of them. My husband and I had put this off for years because of certain difficult decisions we knew we would have to make. Shannon's understanding of our fears, her expertise in the law, and her rare ability to explain all of our options and their effects in plain, understandable terms, put us at ease. Her whole process was so organized too. We never felt lost. She gladly walked us through the process and took all the time needed to make sure we were comfortable and understood everything. Thanks, Shannon, for everything!" 

"Shannon was an absolute pleasure to work with! She worked on Estate Plans for my mother, as well as myself and my husband. She especially took the time to understand our wishes in order to design our Estate Plan, resulting in a customized Plan per our needs. She took the time to explain all of our documents in detail and contributes to follow up to see how the funding progress is going. She is also a fellow community member who is always giving back to many local causes and charities. I highly recommend Shannon!"