Safari Kid Summer Camp

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Safari Kid’s On-Site Summer Camp knows how to strike the perfect balance between learning and adventure to help your child create memories that will last a lifetime! With their enticing themes, your child will explore new worlds and make academic discoveries while feeling like they are just having fun. They will look forward to group projects in which new friendships will be formed and nurtured by our warm staff. Your precious campers will be immersed in a safe and hygienic environment, for which all Covid-19 precautions have been considered and accounted for. If online learning is preferred, they have their Safari Kid Online Summer Camp as well!

At Safari Kid, they understand how summer learning loss can affect academic performance, and the disruption caused in classrooms by the pandemic in the last year has unfortunately exacerbated this reality. But fear not, Safari Kid Summer Camp will fill any potential gaps and give your child a huge boost in their core learning, while also offering enrichment courses to fill their souls with passion.

Core learning of math, language arts, social science, and science are integrated throughout their summer camp themes, which are split into K-2nd and 3rd- 6th grades. Each week they will be lost in a new world created by a new theme such as:

Kindergarten to Grade 2
Grades 3 to 6
  • Monster Mash
  • Rainforest Fest
  • Howdy Partners!
  • Be the Change
  • World Leaders
  • Island Castaway
  • Rocky Railway
  • Dr. Seussical
  • Our Furry Friends
  • Aloha Alaska!
  • Let it Snow!   
  • Musical Snap Circuits
  • Marketing Madness
  • Mysterious Escape
  • Art in Motion
  • Just Blog It
  • Passport to the World
  • Inventor’s Paradise
  • Virtual Realities
  • Disney and Beyond
  • Design School Express
  • DIY Directors
  • Race for the Presidency

Wrapped into the themes, your little learners will be participating in not only core learning, but enriched learning such as STEAM, theater, public speaking, creative thinking, and origami. In addition to free play built into the day, they will have a way to artistically get out their wiggles with such classes as Bollywood Dancing, Zumba, and Yoga. All-in-all, rest assured that your little camper will leave Safari Kid Summer Camp with a full day, a full mind, and a full heart.



Camp Dates: June 1, 2021 - August 18, 2021

Ages: Kindergarten - Grade 6

Camp Times: Full Time, part time, and online options available

Cost: Call for online and onsite program options and pricing info