Music For Minors II (MFMII)

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Music for Minors II (MFMII) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit volunteer organization providing music enrichment programs in pre-school through elementary schools in the East San Francisco Bay area of California since 1988. 

Our mission: To nurture the love and literacy of music in children's classrooms and lives by trained community volunteers. MFMII also provides performance opportunities for children at school sites and on professional stages in the community and also sponsors the MFMII kids choir.

Business Review

"My students are full of excitement when they see their MFMII docent. I love the way she writes the lyrics on large poster sheets, as it helps my kids to become better readers as well as better singers. I have a special education student in my class this year. He feels very successful in school when he participates in Music for Minors II."

"Music class was very well organized and the songs supported the monthly curriculum.  It promotes respect and well-rounded learning."

"Music creates a great feel and often bridges a gap to encourage learning. Eg. Last year my 1/2 combo class was able to memorize all of the presidents’ names through song. Kathy always brings a variety of themed songs and even instruments in to create interest and relevance to our program.”

"My MFMII docent was a wonderful music teacher. She is excellent at connecting with the kids, classroom management, and bringing engaging things with her for music lessons with the kids. Her energy was always perfect for kindergarten student engagement as well. I am also a dance teacher and music has ALWAYS helped with things you listed above- especially memory, focus, and confidence. I find that when students sing things they remember the concepts more.”