Sea Breeze Park

32600 Carmel WayUnion City, CA 94587 Google Map

This purple park as my kids call it, is a little on the older side and has seen some better days, but still good for kids age 2 to 5. The play structure is built in a circle shape so perfect for the littles to just go around and around. This playground is on a bark flooring and is surrounded by lots of grass. 

Although there is a designated parking lot the play structure it is on the opposite side away from the parking lot and bathrooms, but this can be an upside for those that have kids that are runners as it is far back from the road. There is some street parking that is a little closer to the park than the parking lot. This park also has a baseball field. Some shade is provided by some smaller trees but the play structure is not shaded. There are a few picnic tables. Overall it’s a decent place to have a picnic and bring the littles to run around.