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Play Date - Play Redefined is a safe, clean, modern, innovative and contemporary indoor play space for children to play, create, learn, imagine and connect, specially designed for infants, toddlers, and children up to eight years old. 

We offer open play, play + activities, parent + me classes, and monthly social events where one can play with their child while socializing with friends, or making new ones! 

We host private birthday parties, with an array of themes and a range of packages to choose from – you can set up space as you wish or we can do it all for you, as you enjoy your party as a carefree guest!

Business Review

Lilian H. - 9/25/2019 - We are in love with this place. I took my kids (1 and 3 years old) and they had a blast. We left for lunch and nap time and ended up going back there in the afternoon. The place is clean and very well thought out. The staff was friendly and actually interacted with the kids as they played. They seem to really like what they do and that's refreshing. 

Aside from the 2 play structures (one for early walkers/crawlers and one for the bigger kids) a lot of the toys encourage them to sit and focus on what they're doing. I mentioned that because sometimes the kids need to run around and other times, it's good to have that quiet time where the environment helps them calm down. I felt like that at Play Date. They had a lot of fun and didn't leave the place completely wired. 

The playroom felt open and spacious but it wasn't too big (which is a great thing IMO). I was able to alternate between playing with the kids, and sitting back and letting them do their thing, without ever losing track of where they were. 

Michelle C. - 10/9/2019 - My daughter and I have a great time at Play Date. We have been there twice and both times my daughter doesn't want to leave. There are lots of great toys and two indoor play structures that are very nice. There are also playhouses, pretend kitchens, a toy train table, a corner with toys for babies. Everything is very clean and organized. My daughter also participated in one of the classes and had a lot of fun with the project. Art projects don't always hold her attention for very long since she is two. However, she stayed engaged the whole time in the class. The teacher was very encouraging and patient. The owner of Play Date is very friendly and personable. Overall I think it's a great place for young children. We will continue to come back! 

Disha Z. - 10/25/2019 - We hosted our daughter's 5th Birthday Party at Play Date, and it was a wonderful experience. The organizers/ owners of Play Date are clearly very engaged and had great ideas for decorations, even though we got the basic package. The theme of the Birthday was Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat, and we did an add-on for a painting activity for the kids which I highly recommend. It was "acrylic on canvas", and Play Date had a wonderful painting teacher. They did some prep work for the canvas before the party and even agreed to have two sets of designs - one for kids 4 and under, and the other design for the older kids. I dropped off the canvases before the party, but you can also order through them. We brought in our own food, but I think they have a package where you could order food from them. The nice thing about the place is that one can pick or drop from various options and packages - for decor, activities for the kids, as well as food. The play area was also a lot of fun and we got good feedback from the parents as well as the kids! Highly recommend...great organizers, talented art teacher, and a fun play area - all with a very personal touch! 

Auntie P. - 10/6/2019 - It was very convenient to get to, easy to find and there was plenty of parking. The facility was clean with a variety of pretend and creative play toys geared towards younger kids. The place was large enough for kids to spread out but not too big where you can't keep an eye on them. My kids (3 and 5-year-olds) had a great time exploring the play structures and especially enjoyed the interactive painting class and the floor game where they stomped on projected images. The owners were very nice and friendly, you can tell they are experienced working with children. We would definitely come back and will remember to pack more food next time because they have limited snacks to choose from but overall Play Date is a wonderful indoor play space. 

Ashley S. - 10/18/2019 - I took my toddler here today and I was impressed. The play space is filled with toys of all types and has two play structures. Everything is super safe and very clean. We did open play plus the craft. The craft was super cute and Halloween themed. My little one had a wonderful time playing and was sad to leave. The owner and staff were all super nice and made sure the kids were all having fun. I am looking forward to coming back to try one of the classes.

This is by far the cleanest, cutest indoor play space in the Bay Area! I run a play-date group for parents in the Bay Area, so we've been to them all! I planned a play-date here and we were offered a discounted group rate. The owner, Shana, went above and beyond hosting us. We had a snack table set up with a balloon arch and all! Donuts, goldfish, applesauce pouches, COFFEE! She thought of it all and we had the BEST Play-Date there on a rainy day! They also offer arts and crafts, date night babysitting, etc. The Open Play Fee covers the full day so you can leave for lunch/nap and then come back or have your lunch there! If you haven't checked this place out yet, GO!!! We're already planning our next event there - a valentines day play-date with arts and crafts! - Arianna B.