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By Bella Eye Care Optometry January 22, 2024

Slow down nearsightedness for a clearer future. Myopia, more commonly known as nearsightedness, is a condition where individuals can see objects that are close to them but may have difficulty distinguishing things at a distance, such as road signs or leaves on a tree. These individuals often squint at objects that are further away to try and help bring them into focus.

Currently, there is no known cure for myopia and recent studies suggest that the more advanced your myopia gets, the more serious the effects can be on your vision. This has led eye professionals to look for ways to slow the progression of myopia in children and young adults as the eyes typically change more rapidly during this time and slowing down myopia progression during these years has a huge payoff. 

Dr Judy Nguyen is the dedicated optometrist at Bella Eye Care Optometry when it comes to anything myopia control. If you have more questions on what your options are for your near-sighted child, book a consultation with her. If you had the exam elsewhere, bring the exam records, prescription, and glasses/contacts with you and you can do the visit with her.

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