Get an A+ On Your To-Do List and Save $100!

Say goodbye to your to-do list

By Honey Homes May 24, 2023

Does the thought of fixing things around the house stress you out? Turn your honey-dos into honey-dones with Honey Homes.

Honey Homes is a subscription-based handyman and home upkeep service that crosses off all the (not-so) little tasks that make your house feel like home. We’re on a mission to make home upkeep effortless, replacing hassle and stress with the joys that come from comfortable living. Our easy-to-use app makes tackling tasks as easy as snapping a photo and typing a few simple notes. You can message a team of experts instantly, see your upcoming appointments, and update your to-do list anytime.

From assembling a jungle gym to replacing the hot water tap, Honey Homes has got you covered! Join over 575 Bay Area homeowners that have one dedicated handyperson keeping their home happy and healthy. Book a free, no-obligation walkthrough today at to see what all the buzz is about!

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