A Note From Your Publisher - April 2021

Happy April!

By Jennifer Hill - Macaroni Kid Fremont Publisher April 4, 2021

Happy April!

Wow! Spring break is here and my kids couldn't be happier. We are already enjoying the break from school and I'm busy encouraging activities that don't include a screen- who can relate? 

Macaroni Kid Fremont is here to help:

As far as events, there may not be much happening "in-person", but Macaroni Kid Fremont is constantly on the lookout for virtual as well as any (safe) in-person local events and activities. 

If you hear of any online/virtual events or (safe) in-person events not on the Macaroni Kid Fremont event calendar, please reach out to me at or on our Facebook page here and I will update the calendar ASAP.

Be sure to check out next week's newsletter to find the monthly park review. We feature one tri-city park each month to help make exploring our local parks easier for mom and fun for the kids!

Peace, Love, and Macaroni ~ Jen ~ Macaroni Kid Fremont Publisher