Park Review: Charles F. Kennedy Park in Union City

Located at 1333 Decoto Road

By Macaroni KID Fremont July 10, 2022

Charles F. Kennedy Park in Union City is actually a well-designed playground, but the location is not ideal. It is right near the Union City Bart and I rarely see many other kids at the playground. My kids call this the Golden Gate Park since part of the structure is a Golden Gate Bridge.

The park features a multi-level structure with ladders, bridges, and slides. Multiple bouncy horses. The ground is a mix of wood chips and soft foam. The Bart train is actually a bonus for my toddler because he likes to watch it go by every 10-15 minutes.

The parking areas are not close to the playground. You have to walk across the park. There are bathrooms in the community center in the same parking lot.

There is not a lot of shade at the playground, so bring a hat and sunscreen. There are benches around the perimeter.

Kennedy Park is located at 1333 Decoto Road in Union City.