Park Review: Civic Center Park in Newark

Located at 6300 Civic Center Terrace

By Marta Wick May 5, 2024

Although small, Civic Center Park in Newark has a couple extra benefits:

  • It is right next to the Newark library.
  • It is viewing distance to railroad tracks (but not too close) where the Amtrak and Ace commuter trains pass several times a day
  • It is next to Newark police station, so chances are high you will see police cars come in and out

Those three things add up to high marks for my toddler. Other than that, the playground has a mix of equipment for older and younger kids: two large slides, a small slide, bridge and climbing areas, including monkey bars, baby and regular swings, as well as a tire swing. The groundcover is wood chips.

There is plenty of parking for both the park and library, although the spots right by the park sometimes fill up quickly.

There are bathrooms in the library, including a toddler toilet in the kid's area.
You can usually find a bench in the shade around the play area. There is also a grassy area nearby for playing ball or having a picnic.

Civic Center Park is located at 6300 Civic Terrace Avenue in Newark.