Park Review: Brookvale Park in Fremont

Located at 3801 Nicolet Avenue

By Macaroni KID Fremont-Newark-Union City June 5, 2022

The playground at Brookvale Park in Fremont offers a safe play area for children about 2 to 6 years old with many slides and climbing opportunities and the new cushioned safety ground cover.

This park was a favorite of my kids when they were younger. This playground is intended for children ages 2 to 12. Honestly, I believe it would not be much fun for a child over the age of about 6. But my younger kids (4, 2, and 14 months) LOVED this park! They called it the "Orange Park," although it is really mostly yellow. 

There are multiple slides and climbing access and even my 14-month-old could maneuver the climbers and slides on his own. There is a fence around almost the entire playground and it has the new safety surfacing on the ground (NO SAND TO BRING HOME!) and a few nice benches for those few moments you might actually get to sit down. A downside? There is not much shade and none over the actual playground, so don't forget your hats, and there is not a restroom. But the parking is right there, which is nice with little ones. In addition, the Centerville Library is also right there, so if you time it right, you can include a visit to the library as well.

Brookvale Park is located at 3801 Nicolet Avenue in Fremont.