SuperThings Make a Super Gift This Holiday Season

Great gift ideas for birthdays, stocking stuffers and holiday gifts for the kids on your list

By Melinda Larke - Cherry Valley Macaroni Kid November 23, 2020

I learned about SuperThings last year at our annual Macaroni Kid meet-up. When I got home, I showed them to my then 8-year-old son, and he was interested. I found some for stocking stuffers that year. As soon as my son got his hands on them, he loved them. He wanted more. Finding more at that time was difficult; Amazon had them, but he wanted to look at them, study the packages, feel them, hoping he would know which one he was getting.

Fast forward to today. Now we can get our SuperThings fix at Fred Meyer! When I told my son, he was so excited. He ran to his room, grabbed his money, and was ready to go right then and there. I was not ready, so he had to wait a few days. As soon as we stepped into the Monroe Fred Meyer toys section, we found them. They had the blister packs, the Supercars, the hideouts and traps, and the blind bags containing either one Superhero or one Superhero and one Supervillian. He was in SuperThings heaven. He found what he wanted and home we went to play with them.

Before we go on, you may be wondering, what are SuperThings? SuperThings are collectible characters that live in Kaboom City. Each Superhero has a corresponding Supervillian, which makes them even more fun to play with and collect. They live in hideouts, have traps for their nemesis Supervillians, and drive supercars. They are suitable for all children (and children at heart) ages 4 and up. My son likes his SuperThings, because everyday objects become superheroes, because they are small and sturdy, and because he can collect all the different characters. I like that they encourage children and families to celebrate themselves as everyday superheroes. 

We had the chance to introduce SuperThings to a group of friends, ranging from 6-13 years old, girls and boys, and they enjoyed them just as much as my son does. The room went from sounds of excitement as they opened them and learned what they were to complete silence as they read, studied, and discovered. Then the excitement started up again as they began playing with and trading with each other. I was surprised that the older kids enjoyed them just as much as the younger ones did.

Not only are SuperThings a blast to collect and play with, but they are also very affordable; they will make great gifts this holiday season, great birthday gifts, and fantastic just because gifts. You can find SuperThings at your local Fred Meyer. To learn more about SuperThings please visit their website or their social media pages - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Once you have your SuperThings in hand don't forget to join Goliath Games in their #IAmASuperthing campaign by snapping pictures of your children doing everyday tasks that make them SUPER, like taking out the trash or helping with chores.  No matter how big or small the good deed, every kid can be a SuperThing.

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