Why You Should Housewalk Your Way Through Quarantine (& Gym Closures)

Get two weeks free from 99 Walks!

By Jessica Newcomer March 24, 2020

My gym is closed. The kids are at home. I want to distance myself from crowds to keep my family healthy, but I also need to take care of myself physically and mentally. That is why I am taking housewalking classes and you should, too. (Plus, I’ll throw in two weeks free because that is the least I can do during a pandemic.)

Wait, you’ve never even heard of a housewalking class? That’s because it’s unique to 99 Walks. It’s their own thing that came from a need they saw among their Pack Members who sometimes couldn’t get out of the house due to weather, sick kids, or the other challenges of life. I found it timely, given the current situation.

99 Walks’ Housewalking Classes are 15 minutes and can work in any house, home, or apartment! They will get your body moving, raise your heart rate, and give you a boost of endorphins that will lift your spirits, combat stress, and power you through this crazy pandemic situation.

Also, now that you are home, maybe it’s time to find your treadmill under that pile of clothes in the corner of your bedroom. (It’s ok, I’m not judging, I am right there with you!) Then join 99 Walks’ fabulous Coach Jillie for a 30-minute treadmill class that will get your heart pumping -- the time and miles will fly by!

And because now, more than ever, it is important to exercise and take care of yourself to support a healthy immune system, please, take advantage of this 2 weeks free 99 Walks membership offer and give one of these indoor walking classes a try today. Let’s melt the stress away and see how sweaty you can get walking indoors!