Family Store for Snacks and Fun (and Sanity for Mom and Dad)

Plus they will have fun while learning about money by earning it!

By Jennifer Hill Macaroni KID Fremont Publisher March 21, 2020

The kids have been home for a week now. We all know they don't get to help themselves to snacks and the fridge at school, right? So what changes when they are home? 

"No. You cannot have another granola bar."

"No. You already had a snack."

"There is NO way you are already hungry again!"

Any of those sound familiar? I know they do to me. My kids want to eat ALL.THE.TIME. when at home and it's driving me crazy while I am trying to actually work from home.

I saw a great idea online and shared it - a family store. A friend jumped right on it and shared her photos for me to use to share with you all. Now I need to execute it at my house too! She said her kids are excited and she is too.

What you do:

  • Get out some play money or make your own
  • Check your snack supplies
  • Optional: Round up some fun little toys you know are around the house somewhere like bubbles, chalk, a new color book, etc.
  • Decide how you want the kids to earn their "money"
  • Price your items
  • Write your signage
  • Discuss this great new idea with the kids and get them excited about having some power over their snacks