Old Mission Park Review

A reader review

By Shannon Liu Shair January 19, 2020

Old Mission Park is a park partially situated on a hill with different features at different levels.

On the street level beside the parking lot (which has ample parking), on one side, there is a large grass field that is used for playing sports. On the other side, there are two full-size basketball courts that frequently people play pick-up games at. There are restrooms and a water fountain directly beside a play structure that is appropriate for younger children. The play structure has several small slides, a swing set (one baby swing and one handicapped-accessible swing), and enough space on the rubber surface flooring to use scooters or small bikes. There are two park benches beside this play area.

Up a set of stairs on the hill, there is a play structure fit for older children with several slides and monkey bars. Though this play structure is on a different level from the other one, it is within eyesight. There are two park benches beside this play area. Also on the hill is a section with ten picnic tables. These picnic tables are first come, first served, but I typically do not see anyone there. I have had a birthday party here before without any problems.  

The park has a paved walking trail that goes around the entire perimeter, which is a nice short walk. During certain seasons, the hill beside the park is covered with lovely yellow mustard flowers that are beautiful to see.

There is not a lot of shade so it can get hot. It also can get windy as well.  

Old Mission Park is located at 1000 Pine Street in Fremont.