Magic Jelly Beans Grow a Zollipops Garden

By Melissa Basgall, Publisher, Macaroni Kid Kansas City Kansas - Leavenworth April 13, 2019

This special spring activity will bring so many smiles and giggles to your home, as your child's eyes fill with wonder at the thought of their magic jelly beans turning into Zollipops overnight. This adorable activity is especially magical for young children, who will be completely astonished to find a Zollipop garden has "grown" the morning after "planting" their jelly beans.

What’s great is that this activity can be done anywhere, and all you need is jelly beans, and Zollipops. I bought mine online at, and had them within an hour by using their free same day pickup. 

The first way is to plant your Zollipop garden is at home. First, gather up the kids and a bowl of jelly beans, and find a spot to "plant" in your garden bed, yard, or outdoor pot. Next, either sprinkle the jelly beans on top of the grass or soil, or dig little holes and bury them. You can even have the kids water their jelly beans, if you’re up for a little bit of messy play. 

Next, let the jelly beans “grow” overnight, also known as, go out and pick up all the jelly beans and replace them with Zollipops after the kids are in bed. Be sure to bring a flashlight, you won’t want to miss any of them! Pro tip: If your kids are getting older, they might notice the Zollipop color doesn’t match the color of the jelly bean they planted. Be sure to pay close attention, or you’ll spoil the magic.

The next morning, I guarantee you the first thing they are going to do is run to the window to see if their Zollipops have come up in the garden. They will go crazy when they see their Zollipop crop!

What’s also great about Zollipops is that they are sugar free, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and kosher. They are also known as The After You Eat Treat, and you can enjoy one after every meal up to three times a day, for a cleaner, healthier smile. You’ll be happy your garden produced such a nice crop of Zollipops this Easter!

Another great twist on this activity is making it a craft for the preschool setting. For this, you’ll need a few additional supplies. I happened to have this tiny pot and some green crinkle cut paper at home. You can use any number of small containers and filler, such as tupperware and green dyed rice. You’ll apply the same concept of “planting” the jelly beans, and “growing” Zollipops overnight. 

I hope you will try this fun new tradition this year, and that the children in your life love it as much as mine.  I bought mine online at, and had them within an hour by using their free same day pickup.  They are also available at Walmart and Target stores with kids toothbrushes.