Looking Up at the Clouds Enjoy a Tiny Treks Open House NOW IN FREMONT!

By Tiny Treks January 25, 2019

Looking up at the clouds.

When was the last time you laid on the ground looking up at the clouds? As a child, I spent hours finding shapes in the clouds. I loved to hear what a friend could see, and then I would try so hard to find their elephant or dinosaur. It was so clear to them—why couldn’t I see it? That elephant was so clear to them—why could I not see that long trunk right over there or the four stubby legs?

I loved the conversations trying to convince another person of what I saw. This was the beginning of often trying to communicate what one clearly could see, and another could not. I was on an airplane today, and fluffy, beautiful clouds were everywhere. It got me thinking about that desire to make another see what you can see so clearly. I realized that my 8-year-old self trying to see my friend's elephant, or getting my friend to see my images was no different than getting my husband to see my point of view. Not just see it, but take it in and truly believe in it. I guess this is one of life's mysteries: always working on mutual understanding, beginning with lying on the grass, looking up at the clouds.

We all need to make more time to look up at the clouds and teach our children to as well. Tiny Treks is the perfect place to start! With classes now in Fremont, as well as summer camps, you need to check them out. Music, movement, crafts, science, math, critical thinking, hiking, snack/story, exploration, and more! To learn more about the Tiny Treks program, visit their website HERE. There is an open houses scheduled for Saturday, February 2nd from 9:30 to 11 AM, so be sure to RSVP today - space is limited. Registration for 2nd semester is open now and registration for 2019/2020 opens February 1st. 

RSVP for an upcoming Open House event HERE or via email at info@tinytreks.comLet them know you heard about their program from Macaroni Kid, please.