Five Back to School Tips to Prepare for the New School Year

A little preparation to make back to school a little easier for everyone!

By Jennifer Hill Macaroni KID Fremont Publisher July 7, 2024

Back to school time is quickly approaching! Make those first few days a bit easier with these five tips.

  1. Back to school routine. A week or two before school starts, get the kids back to their earlier bedtime routine to ease them into the new school year.
  2. Organize the clothes. It's best to do this before you go back to school shopping to help you know what you actually need to buy. Donate the outgrown items or pass them on to a friend, get rid of things that are showing too much wear or are stained, and take my advice on this, don't overbuy to replace things! The kids will have an easier time putting clothes away and finding what they are looking for when the drawers are not packed full.
  3. Start talking about school. Talk about school friends, favorite things to do at recess, maybe even visit the school. Once you know your child's room number and teacher's name, talk about those as well. Kids like to know what to expect. Visit the school, if possible.
  4. Organize your lunch box items and pantry. Replace those containers and thermos' that went missing last year. Create a "school lunch" station in the pantry. Clear shoebox bins with some labels can help make packing lunches easier and also make it easy to see what you need to stock up on on grocery day.
  5. Be prepared. The night before the first day, lay out clothes, pack lunches, fill water bottles, and stick them in the fridge to make the morning a breeze. Plan breakfast (doesn't need to be complicated, cereal, yogurt, and fruit is perfect). Do this every night and I promise, it will be life-changing!