Sabercat Playground at Lake Elizabeth/Central Park Review

By Jennifer Hill Macaroni Kid Fremont Publisher December 17, 2017

The Sabercat Playground at Lake Elizabeth/Central Park in Fremont has different play sections for different ages and different themes. The section for younger children looks like dinosaur bones and the kids love climbing on them. There is a large tree house and another structure for older kids. There are plenty of slides and climbing opportunities. Both baby, regular, and special needs swings are present. All areas have the rubber cushion flooring.

The biggest drawback I have with this park is that it gets crowded often, especially weekends and weekday afternoons. You cannot see from one end to the other and when there are a lot of kids running around, you can easily lose track of little ones. Some of the climbing areas (like the sabertooth rock) are easier to get up than down and my son has gotten stuck going higher than he should have.

There are several areas to sit and have a snack (benches and kid-size tables), but very little shade. On hot sunny days, parents appear to find shelter under any inch of shade cover they can find.

Nearby there is a small creek that runs underneath a bridge which makes for great, wet fun on really hot days and is my kid's favorite part of coming to play at this playground.

There is a bathroom nearby and the playground is right along the 2-mile path around Lake Elizabeth. The best parking is behind the water park.

The Sabercat Playground is located on the south end of Lake Elizabeth behind the water park at 40000 Paseo Padre Parkway in Fremont.