Byington Park Newark Review

By Jennifer Hill Macaroni Kid Fremont Publisher December 17, 2017

Byington Park is in Newark, right off of Central and set back off the neighborhood street. You will find plenty of street parking, several small picnic tables, and a BBQ grill.

The playground structure has 2 slides and several fun climbing features. There are also 3 of the spring animals to bounce on. The ground cover is tanbark. This park also has a water feature - however, due to budget cuts, it may be closed. You will also find a half-court basketball area and LOTS of beautiful grass and plenty of benches. There is also a "rock garden" off to the side that my 2-year-old would spend lots of time climbing on. Don't forget your hats and sunscreen - not much shade at all.

This is a great park for a 6 and under crowd and I love that it's set so far off the street. There is not a bathroom - just a water fountain!

Byington Park is located at 5825 Central Avenue in Newark.