Birch Grove Park Newark Review

By Jennifer Hill Macaroni Kid Fremont Publisher December 17, 2017

Two playgrounds - one for little kids and one for bigger kids AND a water feature! Great park for everyone!

This park has two large playground areas - both with tanbark ground covering to make falling safer.

One of the playgrounds is for the younger crowd, but the older ones love it as well! There are lots of climbing opportunities and it is shaped like a boat. For those long-time residents who might remember, our family misses the wooden boat that used to be here!

The other playground is for the older kids and is HUGE! Multiple fun slides, quite a few ways to climb onto the structure. This area is also surrounded by a great (and original from "back in the day") molded rock play feature. It has tunnels and is a great place to climb, balance, and play with friends!

Another nice thing about this park - the water feature! In the summer months, this makes everyone's day! Water play AND the park? What's better than that? So if it's hot out, plan ahead and bring some towels and a change of clothes or even a swimsuit! Your kids will thank you for it. *Note: Water feature may not always be available. Check the city's website to find out.

You will find lots of swings - both toddler and big kid swings! Which is a great thing to my kids!

There are a few picnic tables, a basketball court, and a ball field. This park also has restrooms. And lots of shade and grass-covered hills to enjoy! However, the play structures are not shaded, so don't forget the sunscreen and hats.

Birch Grove Park is located at 38080 Birch Street bordered by Smith Avenue, Birch Street and Robertson Avenue in Newark,