Crippsmas Place Neighborhood Holiday Display

December 1, 2017

Crippsmas Place is a Cheerful Holiday Display in a north Fremont neighborhood. You will enjoy over 70 houses on six streets glowing with holiday lights and unique plywood cut-out decorations featuring classic and contemporary characters from cartoons, movies, and more. 

You can drive or stroll on the sidewalks of Nicolet Avenue and cul-de-sacs Nicolet Place, Asquith Place, Cripps Place, and especially Wellington Place. At the end of Wellington Place, free candy canes are handed out, and cash donations are accepted which benefit five charities.

*SPECIAL!* A live Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus are there most evenings! 

Crippsmas Place is open from Saturday, December 9th to Monday, December 25th, from 6-10pm. See to learn more.

Check out the video we took during the day a few years ago!