Virtual Easter Egg Hunt with Macaroni Kid Fremont 2017

By Jennifer Hill April 14, 2017

Our Virtual Egg Hunt is over! Congrats to Jean, our lucky winner! You've got mail! Thanks to all who joined in on the fun!

It's totally not fair that the kids get to enjoy all the egg hunt fun, right?! So here's one for mom and dad to participate in! We've "hidden" eight numbered eggs within our website. You will need to search through our local articles, guides, events and business directory to find each of the eggs. When you do find one, click on the egg and an entry form will open for you to complete to get one entry into the random drawing to win a birthday party from Pacific West Gymnastics! You will receive one entry for each egg that you find - you can get up to 8 entries! See what each egg looks like in the image above and go hunting! Thank you, Pacific West Gymnastics, for the awesome prize!

Complete rules can be found here.

Pacific West Gymnastics is a generous sponsor of Macaroni Kid Fremont.