Corn Dog Muffins

An easy & healthy way to bring the carnival to you year round!

By Christel M. Hoydic May 4, 2024
With all the carnivals and fairs happening this season, you and your kids have probably eaten your share of corn dogs. The ever-popular hot dog on a stick, covered in corn batter, and fried may not be the healthiest, but they sure are delicious! 

What if your family could enjoy the flavors of a corn dog more often and in a fairly healthier version? And, what if it only took TWO ingredients to create and was super economical (as in less than $5)? 

You can mix up a batch of corn dog muffins with just a bag or box of cornbread mix (the kind that you mix with water) and a package of hot dogs.

This is a great kitchen activity to involve your kids in as the preparation is easy. First, mix the cornbread as directed on the package. (Mixing is a great kitchen skill for kids of all ages to practice!) 

Then cut the hot dogs (we used six from the package) into one-inch pieces. Since hot dogs are such soft items, this is a great way to let your kids practice cutting. 

Pour the cornbread batter into a mini-muffin tin. The batter was just enough to fill all 24 cups to the top.

Lastly, have the kids push a piece of cut hot dog into each filled muffin tin.  

We baked our muffins in the oven according to the directions on the back of the cornbread package and they were delicious. The best part was that 2-3 muffins was plenty for each of us so the rest went into the freezer for another day. These could easily be made with your large muffin tin as well by adding a few more pieces of hot dog to each.