Create a Life-Sized Gingerbread House

Hours of Play for the Holidays!

By Jamie Schlechter December 18, 2014
Your kids will have so much fun this holiday season with a gingerbread house that is just their size! You can make this with any size box you have available - check with your local appliance store for two stove boxes to craft the perfect “kid-sized” house.

First, cut the boxes apart and reverse fold the cardboard so that the writing is inside. Cut out the shapes for the door and the windows. We made a rounded top on the door. For our windows, we cut one with four squares and the others as circles.  

Reinforce the door and windows with white tape to give it some durability and also to resemble the frosting. Continue to use plenty of tape on the inside and outside of the box so it holds.

Create a roof from your second boxand place on top of your house structure before taping together.

Now you are ready to decorate your gingerbread house. This is where the creativity comes in! We made gumdrops with assorted colors of construction paper and gingerbread men out of left over cardboard. Pull out your cookies cutters to trace the shapes.  

String some Christmas lights on the roof and push through the cardboard so they can be seen from the inside.

Invite your little gingerbread boys and girls in for an afternoon of fun!