Gutter Garden

Make it kid friendly!

By Kali Slusser April 10, 2014

Does your kid LOVE to garden? Play in the dirt? How about learn new things? What about eating their veggies? Well if you said YES to at least one of those things, you might be looking at your next project and HOPEFULLY add "YES!" to eating their veggies!

Kids tend to be MUCH more interested in eating their veggies, or at least TRYING them, if they had a HAND in growing them, themselves!

We made a Gutter Garden on our fence this weekend. It was easy, QUICK and looks super cute on our fence!

Here is how!

You need:

  • a gutter (we got a 10 ft one for about $5!)
  • 5 brackets (less than $2 each)
  • nails/ screws
  • hammer/ screwdriver
  • drill


  1. Drill holes in the bottom of the gutter for drainage.
  2. Position the brackets on the fence.
  3. Attach the gutter.
  4. Fill with dirt.
  5. Plant kid-friendly plants (we chose strawberries and sweet peas).
  6. Done!


  1. Keep the soil moist!
  2. WAIT for it to grow!
  3. Enjoy the fruits (or veggies) of your labor!