Sight Word Scavenger Hunt

By Tracy Gallagher, Hopewell Junction Macaroni Kid April 10, 2014
Working on sight words is a tedious task for most kids and even boring for some. To make it more interactive for my son, we created a "sight word scavenger hunt." It makes reviewing the same words day after day a little more exciting for both of us!
What you'll need:
  • Clipboard (or make one using the directions below)
  • Your child's list of sight words
  • Post-it notes, index cards or card stock 
What you'll do:
1.) Create a sight word list, adding new words each week. We created ours in 2 columns (enough for 2 hunts) to start and can easily edit the document as needed.
2.) Write one word on each post-it note or index card. We like the post-it notes because they are easy to hang and reuse.
3.) Hide the sight words throughout the house and let the hunt begin. As your child finds a word, it can be checked off their list. It's that easy!
4.) For clean up, call out a word and have your child find it and bring it back as fast as possible.
Other variations for the scavenger hunt: "Find a word that starts with ‘a’” or "Find a word that ends with 'n'." The possibilities are endless. 
Need to make a clipboard?

Find a used binder (any size is fine) and cut the spine from the front and back covers. You will be left with 2 boards that you can add a binder clip to the top. Instant clipboard!