DIY: Hand-Colored Shoes!

Step Into Your Art!

By Melissa Alcorn June 27, 2013
Kids love to show off their artwork. This is a really cool art project idea that allows your young Picasso to show off their artwork whever they go! Start with inexpensive plain white shoes, add some creativity from your kids, and voila - you have a pair of unique shoes that double as a work of art!  

You will need:
  • Inexpensive white canvas shoes (we got ours at Walmart for $5)
  • Permanent colored markers, such as Sharpies
  • Scotch Guard or another brand of waterproofing fabric spray
  1. Decide what design you would like to create on your shoes. Pencil can be used to draw out a pattern or you can design as you go.
  2. Use permanent markers to color shoes. Start with lighter colors like yellow first. This way the yellow marker's tip does not get stained by the other colors. Note: the color will bleed a little so press lightly on the shoes with the markers.
  3. Let the finished shoes dry according to Scotch Guard directions.
  4. Spray very lightly with scotch guard. If you spray too heavily, the colors will bleed! Let the scotch guard dry for a few hours then spray again and let dry overnight.
  5. Wear your shoe art with pride!