Homemade Summer Sidewalk Chalk

By Debby Perry, Macaroni Kid Robinson May 31, 2012
Nothing screams outside fun like SIDEWALK CHALK! Our little Rembrandts go through BUCKETS FULL each summer. Here's a fun activity to do as a family that helps keep your CHALK supply plentiful! It's cheap, easy to make and a great science project! The sidewalk is their blank canvas--let them create! 

What you will need:

• Toilet paper or paper towel tubes(cut paper towel tubes in 1/2)

• Scissors

• Duct tape

• Wax paper

• Small bucket or disposable container to make the recipe

• ¾ cup of warm water

• 1 ½ cups Plaster of Paris

• 2-3 tablespoons of tempera paint

Step 1: Cover end of each tube with duct tape. Line each with waxed paper. Stand tubes on end within a container nice and snug similar to bowling pins. (Duct tape side goes on bottom.) 

Step 2: Follow directions to begin making Plaster of Paris. (Monitor your children for safety- it hardens in 20-30 minutes! Work fast.)

Step 3: Pour the tempera paint into the Plaster of Paris mixture and stir so that it is mixed thoroughly. Use separate containers to create the varying colors.


Step 4: Spoon your colored chalk mixture into the wax paper lined tubes. Give each tube a tap to release air bubbles!


Step 5: Set the chalk aside to dry. It might take a good 3 days or so.

Enjoy and send us some pictures of your homemade creation! We'll post them on our Facebook page!